Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children and Computers

I was discussing with a friend of mine the other day about children, and their nature. The point that he stressed on is that everyone is born with a set of physical, mental and emotional qualities, which remain the same throughout his life and that is what we call it as a person's 'Nature' or 'Personality'. There is a saying that a child is like raw clay which is given a certain shape, by it's parents, by teachers, by friends, by society and so on. Continuing with that thought, my thinking was a little different. I agree with my friend's point, partially. A person is born with a set of genes; a set of qualities. These qualities get influenced or altered as the life progresses. Some new qualities are incorporated, some existing qualities are changed or aggravated. In short, Changes happen in a person's physical, emotional, mental traits as he grows up. Then I thought about it like this:

'A child is like a newly installed computer with a set of hardware, and an operating system. As life progresses, several software are installed on this computer. Going further, sometimes they prove to be performance boosters or sometimes there are compatibility issues.' - A J Oka.

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