Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Conscience and Instincts

1) A person waits till the traffic signal goes green. The person accompanying him tries to induce him to go when the signal is still red. 2) A person religiously wears a helmet every time he rides his bike. The person sitting at the back tries to convince him that it does not matter even if he does not wear it and that no one is gonna catch him. 3) A person waits for his turn at a bus stop. All the other people rush past him, catch the bus and laugh at his foolishness. 4) It is illegal to litter/spit at public places. But 8 out of 10 people think 'nothings gonna happen' and still do it.

All these and many other are incidents that happen every minute in India. Hold on; I am not going to say that together we can make a difference and that if everyone follows rules and acts wisely, things can improve blah blah blah. Hell no. I am just looking at these situations and trying to identify a quality that all of us have, but some of us control. Temptation. Temptation is an instinctive characteristic of human nature. Everyone gets tempted to do, to get, to see, to say, to hear, to feel a lot of things. And that is natural. Some, however are able to control the temptation when it is for wrong things.

I see two kinds of people here. One whose instincts are stronger than their conscience, and the other whose conscience is stronger than their instincts. A mixture of both however, is ideal.

'Conscience has to control when instincts and conscience collide. Instincts have to control when conscience cannot decide. - A J Oka.

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