Monday, July 30, 2012

Between Two Ends

Imagine a river. It flows between two distinct pieces of land. Two ends; Two boundaries, Two limitations; between which there is this constant flow of water. Pretty much like life as I see.

For any given thing, present or past, living or non-living, you will hear good as well as bad. You will find people who'd say that a thing is good and also who'd say that the same thing is bad. Two sides to everything, and this is universal. Everything in life is like the water in a river, and everything ABOUT everything is at either of the river's sides.

Photograph by: Apurva Oka

Good and bad, True and False, Right and Wrong, Moral and Immoral, Just and Unjust... there are always, these two thoughts about everything. Life is what lies between them.
- A J Oka