Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being 'High'

The year is about to end, and the ever popular occasion to celebrate is approaching. On that day, the pubs in the city will be full, the restaurants will have a long queue outside. There will be parties all over the city, including the roads. Some people will be high on alcohol, some will be high on something else, and almost everyone will be high on excitement and joy.

'Speaking about being 'high'; I feel that as long as one is high on principles and ideals, he won't feel the need to get high on anything else.' - A J Oka.


  1. Very well said! High on principles and ideas...and hopefully the energy to implement those...
    Await many more in the coming year :)

  2. The need to get high on anything other than the joy of natural living arises out of the inability to feel good about one's self and one's life. The need to get high on substances like alcohol and "something else" is a pointer towards inadequacy which needs to be addressed within the person, and not by judging or condemning the behaviour or the substance.