Friday, July 22, 2011

Whimsy Creativity

We often hear stories about highly creative, highly intelligent people. Certainly, these people differ from the other people. Their understanding of subjects is much faster and deeper, the perspectives that they have, are unique and that is why they fare better in whatever they do. We also hear about these people because of their peculiar habits and whims. Like, some people get amazing ideas while they are asleep; there have been writers who'd go to a mountain and write wonders; I also know about a super-brilliant carpenter who had to have 'gutka' placed in his mouth to get his creative juices flowing. There are thousands of stories like these. It does not mean that the creativity of these people depends on such things, but it cannot be the same without such things either.

'Whims are an integral part of Creativity' 
- A J Oka.

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