Saturday, July 2, 2011

Exercise / व्यायाम

“I’ve had a very hectic day today and I have no energy left for exercise”
“It is a holiday and I want to have complete rest”
“To eat good is more important than to workout.”
...explanations, reasons like these to avoid exercise are plenty, and we often hear or say them ourselves. But,

“Exercise is one of those things which when you want the least; you need the most.”
- A J Oka.

"उठायलाच हवं का रोज सकाळी व्यायाम करायला?"
"एवढं काय होतंय एक दिवस व्यायाम नाही केला तर?"
"मला काय बॉडीबिल्डर किंवा मॉडेल व्हायचंय का?"
"मी रोज लोकल आणि बस मधून प्रवास करतो. बेस्ट व्यायाम आहे तो."
...व्यायाम टाळण्यासाठी अशी अनेक कारणं, स्पष्टीकरणं आपण ऐकत असू किंवा देतही असू. पण,

"व्यायाम ही अशा गोष्टींपैकी एक गोष्ट आहे की ज्यांची जेंव्हा सर्वात कमी इच्छा असते, तेंव्हाच सर्वात जास्त गरज असते." 
- अ. ज. ओक


  1. One more thing to add : At times, evening exercise is more effective than morning. Because, we do not take proper rest and nutrition which is most required after exercise when we exercise in the morning. But if you are execising in the evening you will get rest as well as enough time to get best nutrients required for body. Plus, our daily schedule do not get disturbed if we spend some extra time in exercising in the evening.

  2. Rightly added Sir. Thank You :)

  3. "sigh!" was for exactly this! Cannot agree more with the central theme of the post, agreed totally!!! Too bored to exercise, but badly needed I guess! :-/

  4. व्यायामाचा उद्देश बॉडीबिल्डिंगपेक्षा स्टॅमिना टिकवणे हा असावयास हवा.

  5. @ Anonymous:
    Mala watat nahi mi mhatlay ki bodybuilding sathi wyayam kara. Mi 'Wyayam' hi general term wapartoy. Mag te gym aso, aerobics aso, yogasane asot kiwa anik kahi. Sharirala tyachya 'normal' activities chya palikade jaaun kahitari karayla laavne mhanje 'Wyayam'. Aapla kahitari chukicha samaj zala. But, thanks for the comment.