Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rare is Special

When mobile was invented, it couldn't fit in our hands. As technology grew, mobiles shrunk. When everyone rode bicycle, having a car was considered great. Everyone has a car today, but cycling from home to office is said to be special. When everyone used goods made in own country, use of Imported goods was labeled as 'High Class'. Today, when 80% of the goods in the market are imported, using goods made in own country is said to be 'Premium'. Almost everyone ate home-made food earlier; and eating out was for the wealthy. Now everyone eats out frequently, and the taste of home-made food, is something that people value.

Minority is always more special than majority. Scarcity is always on priority. The simple equation is that

'What is Rare, is Special.'
- A J Oka


  1. So true! Eating Nachni was considered to be poor and thus it was very cheap..now that it's been discovered as nutritious food all are running behind and it became costly!

  2. It's a well established principle of Psychology. Anything out of the ordinary catches and sustains attention, and hence gains value. Despite the fact I am not very sure many would wish to revert back to the state where they did not have much of a choice to exert. Presuming that he has't attained the spiritual enlightenment,a pauperized kid on the streets would be able to appreciate the simplicity and nutritiousness of chutney-bhakar only when he affords to order a cheese-burst Pizza and leave a decent tip to the waiter. This post got me thinking.

  3. Ho ree...we know the price of things rather than the value...that's the problem...

  4. no new blog here ?? anek divasaat updates nahit ?