Friday, February 15, 2013


Three main qualities of data or information that are critical, are Availability, Reliability, and Relevance. Of course there are other vital characteristics of good information but these are very important. When these characteristics are consistently met, the information becomes Sustainable.

For the non-living things 'Sustainability' or 'Durability' is decreasing in it's importance. People change cars every two years, laptops every year, mobile phones every six months, and clothes every two months. But 'Sustainability' is becoming increasingly important for people; for humans. One has to be sustainable to be able to survive. One has to be ahead of time and ready for the next change. But 'Sustainability' for humans is too dynamic of a concept to be measured in a particular set of criteria. It cannot be just strength, it cannot be intelligence, it cannot be luck either. It is about all this and much more. Precisely,

Sustainability = Capability > Possibility
- A J Oka.

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