Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last week, 'Safety Day' was celebrated in my office and all its branches across India. 'Safety Poster Competition' was organised on this occasion and every department was invited to participate. Our department is perhaps the busiest department and as a result, not everyone could take part in the idea formation, creation or presentation of the poster. However, 3 people including myself took an active part and created a poster on the topic of safety. My colleague came up with the idea of Safety being explained as an acronym, where each letter stood for something. (E.g. S for Self Awareness, A for Alert Behavior and so on.) Also, a 5 point action plan for safety was presented. 

The Key idea that we presented was designed by me. It popped in my mind when I began to think about our poster. I first visualized 2 images, and then came up with a slogan. Everyone liked the idea and gave some valuable suggestions about the slogan, the pictures which were then incorporated in the final poster. I came home the day before the competition, took these pictures with the help of my sister and my mother; also took some guidance about the slogan from my father. I was pretty excited about this idea. So, I though I'd put the same on this blog for you all to see and opine.

I explained it saying that, "Safety is something that should be taken seriously; should be given importance to, and should be cared for. Because if we care for safety, only then, Safety shall take care of us..."

"Safety should be inculcated as a Habit, and imbibed as Style"
- A J Oka.

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