Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something for Nothing

'I think there is Everything in doing Something for Nothing.' - A. J. Oka.


  1. A number of years ago, pre-computer and social network, I kept a sort public journal at the place I worked. I called it "Quote of the Day".
    It could be a famous quote or something somebody said in the course of the day, but it had to be germaine to the day, the what was going on in the world, in my life, in the workplace (in Hollywood), and all of the Quotes were posted publicly for one week, at the end of the week they were taken down (they written on tape and taped to a bulletin board available to all crew members), and placed in a memo book.
    It went on for several years, everyone got involved, everyone added quotes.
    I still have the book. I can read it and recall exactly what was going on that particular day. It is a treasure.
    I hope this site becomes exactly what my little public journal became.
    You will treasure it for the rest of your life.

  2. Dhananjay Jog • I agree with you...
    निरलस भावनेने,निष्ठापूर्वक,समाजाचे ऋण समजून,सेवाकार्य करणारी संस्था असेल तर अशा ठिकाणी निरपेक्ष वृत्तीने (for nothing) पडेल ते कोणतेही,काही (something) काम करण्याने, मनोभावे सेवा अर्पित करण्याने लाख मोलाचे समाधान लाभल्यावर आपण सर्व काही (everything) भरून पावतो, की जे अनमोल असते, अलौकिक असते म्हणजेच
    There is Everything in doing Something for Nothing