Friday, August 3, 2012


Any car that takes you from one place to another, is a good car. Any camera that can capture the scene, is a good camera. Any food that can satisfy one's hunger, is good food. Any television that shows you various channels of the world is a good television. And So on. But when a person begins to really 'try and understand' something, is when he/she becomes picky and selective. Then suddenly the 'good' things seem so 'boring'; so 'toy-like'.

Now to talk about this in relation to 'sound'. Any good speaker, any good music system, will give a person fair amount of hearing pleasure. But an audiophile may see, and test 20 brands of those equipment, to find one that 'suits' his requirements. And then he may still not be happy, and he will try to 'adjust' or 'customize' that equipment so that it 'meets' his expectations. Only until the time he starts expecting 'even more'.

Being crazy in my own way about music, sound and every related thing, I think about it a lot. So, while thinking, I ask myself, when do you know that a person is a true audiophile? answer;

'When you start experimenting with your Custom Equalizer and don't love the Preset Equalizers anymore, you are a true audiophile.'
- A J Oka.
(au·di·o·phile n. A person having an ardent interest in stereo or high-fidelity sound reproduction.)

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