Friday, January 20, 2012

Running - Race - Winning

Each one of us has some goals, some wishes, some dreams. Some manage to turn them into reality, some don't. Many of those who don't, are often victims of some social factors. Thinking too much about what others may think; makes you actually not think about what You think.

I know a person from somewhere in Europe who works for 6 months, earns and saves some money, and then goes out traveling for next 6 months on his bike. I am sure this thought would interest you and inspire you to do something like this; something which you like to do. But I am also sure, that you will anticipate questions like 'are you crazy?', 'you seem to have a Lot of time to spare eh?', 'what about the educational qualifications that you have?' and so on.

Thoughts and wishes like these, and then reactions, questions like these make people think that they are lagging behind the rest of the crowd, exactly when they are thinking about taking just the right step in just the right direction. What I am talking about  is very much 'India specific'.

'Two myths; Two disastrous misconceptions that one should stay away from: - 
'If you are not running; you're not in the race.'
'If you are not in the race; you're not winning.''
- A J Oka.


  1. True.. especially metro city specific!

  2. आई श्शाबास!!! आवडलेलंच आहे :)
    खूप छान विचार आहे... Very inspiring

  3. Thank you Resh,
    Thank you Arnika!