Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad Luck

I was watching someone clean up his office desktop the other day. There were several icons scattered all over the screen. He was checking every file and moving it to the appropriate folder on his hard drive. After a while there were certain files left which I guess he could not move it to any specific folder. He then made a folder named 'Others' and moved all of those files into it. Though he had not find the right group to associate a few files to; his desktop was now; clean.

Isn't it so similar to how we react to situations in life? More often than not, we find ourselves in a situation where we have no option but to just blame it on our luck. Some do it expressly, while for some it is implied. But does it help? I think yes. It does. It does help to blame it on luck. It clears our mind just like the guy cleared his desktop. It makes our mind a clean slate again; helps us 'see' ahead in life. If you have not cleared your mind's desktop yet; you should do it soon. And you should really have this 'Others' folder there to keep the things which you can blame on nothing but 'Bad Luck'. Because,

'Sometimes, it really feels 'Good' to just say 'Bad Luck'; and move on.'
- A J Oka.

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