Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Insanity; the word seems to pull me close to it quite often. And quite often, do I seem to find it to be the most relevant and relatable word. But insane people are as rare to be found as frequent are insane thoughts knocking the door of my mind.

There is something that limits people. There is a barrier, more often than not, invited and accepted by the people themselves, to the thoughts, to the actions. But I feel, and I believe, that insanity out powers everything. Insane people are the ones about whom the pages of history talk the most. One should not be afraid, to be insane; to entertain insane thoughts; to pamper them; and definitely to make them a reality. Because there is every possibility of those thoughts becoming the most 'sane' thoughts and theories established in time.

'Insanity is paranormal; and so is Innovation, so is Revolution, so is Greatness.'

If I may have the liberty of using the word 'sane' as a verb; I'd say,

'Insanes Outsane.'
- A J Oka

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