Monday, April 16, 2012

Previous - Precious

There will be some people whose eyes do not shine when they turn pages of their memory book. Every person from the rest has a special place in his heart for his past. He values things that he did, places that he saw, and people that he met.

With time everything changes. So does the way we look at things, and the way we value them. Things without which we could not imagine our lives, occupy a visible corner of the house and are called as 'antique'. People feel proud to show these things off; the things that used to be so precious at a point in time. Their 'price' increases; and their 'value' goes down. 

'With time, the things that were previously precious, become preciously previous.'
- A J Oka.


  1. Ooh, nicely worded :)
    preciously previous!

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